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Drive In Super Monster-Rama
Details will be posted as soon as information is available

Sept 22 - 23, 2023

  • The tickets for this event will go on sale in early September 2023. The way the tickets are sold per car, however each person in the car must be included. There is a section to select how many people 13 and over. (EXAMPLE: For Friday evening if you are bringing 2 people in your car then the fee for movies is 2 people x $15.00 = $30.00. There is also a selection box for the number of people camping. If you are both camping again the fee is 2 people x $15.00 = $30.00. The total price of the Friday evening would at this point be $30.00 for movies + $30.00 for camping = $60.00).
  • There will be no refunds offered when tickets are purchased online for this event.  The reasons include misunderstanding of dates, showtimes, inclimate weather, inability to adjust work schedules, misunderstanding of location, or almost any other reason.
  • You will be issued a wrist band that is color coded for the tickets you have purchased when you pay at the ticket booth or when you check in. The gates are open all day for entrance. The ticket booth opening time will be announced. Online tickets can be checked in throughout the day in the snack bar.
  • Breakfast will be served both Saturday and Sunday mornings for campers.
  • The snack bar will be open for lunch around 1pm each afternoon.
  • The Camping Area is the last 3.5 rows in the back of the field. Please do not set up a tent outside of the camping area. We will adjust the size of the camping area if needed.

Friday Sept 22, 2023

Saturday Sept 23, 2023

Blood Feast (1963)

An Egyptian caterer kills various women in suburban Miami to use their body parts to revive a dormant Egyptian goddess while an inept police detective tries to track him down. NOT RATED

Humanoids From the Deep (1980)

Humanoid sea creatures start killing a fishing town’s residents, and raping their women. It’s up to the townsfolk and a visiting biologist to fight back and fend them off. RATED: R

Two Thousand Maniacs (1964)

Six people are lured into a small Deep South town for a Centennial celebration where the residents proceed to kill them one by one as revenge for the town’s destruction during the Civil War. NOT RATED

Grizzly (1976)

An eighteen-foot-tall grizzly bear terrorizes a state park, leaving it up to a Park Ranger to save the day. RATED: PG

Impulse (1974)

A paranoid, leisure-suit-wearing conman/gigolo named Matt Stone seduces lonely women, bilks them of their savings via an investment scam, then kills them. When he begins seeing an attractive widow, her daughter Tina becomes suspicious of his motives. RATED: PG

Piranha (1978)

When flesh-eating piranhas are accidentally released into a summer resort’s rivers, the guests become their next meal. RATED: R

Shriek of the Mutilated

A group of college students are led by their professor into the mountains in search of the Yeti. The students start to be killed off one by one. RATED: R

Day of the Animals (1977)

A battle for survival ensues after a group of hikers encounters a chemically imbalanced forest. RATED: PG